Meet The Coaches


Owner and Head Coach at “ULTIMATE FIGHTING & FITNESS ACADEMY”, Flaviu Moldovan has 30 plus years of Martial Arts experience and over 20 years of coaching experience with professional athletes.

Coach Flaviu started his career at a very early age with TAEKWONDO and BOXING. He quickly became a boxing champion and he was 7 times national champion in TAEKWONDO.

Doing BOXING and TAEKWONDO at the same time opened his path towards the modern KICKBOXING. Training for a few years in Holland with the best fighters in the world helped him to become a KICKBOXING champion, too.

Always looking to improve, always trying to get better and to learn more, Coach Flaviu started to train in wrestling and grappling. He competed in amateur and professional MMA tournaments with a record of 12-2-1 (W-L-No Contest).

Coach Flaviu is also an ex-FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION PARATROOPER where he had his first encounter with military KRAV MAGA. He was so impressed with how real and NO-nonsense KRAV MAGA was, that he never stopped training and years later he became a KRAV MAGA coach.

Presently, Coach Flaviu is happily married with two beautiful children, who help him realize how important a program like this is to our community and our future generations. For this reason, his children are part of the amazing “ULTIMATE WARRIORS” program. He is very thankful and happy to share his knowledge with his “ULTIMATE FIGHTING & FITNESS” family and to help every person, adult or child, get in the BEST SHAPE of their lives and to feel more CONFIDENT and SAFE.