Frequently Asked Questions

Adult FAQs

Absolutely NOT! Every class is designed to make sure that you have a GREAT and FUN workout, no matter what shape you are in. If you’re not in shape, you will be in NO TIME! If you are already in shape, we will help you bring it to the next level.
Every class will give you a GREAT workout, together with FUN and GREAT PEOPLE to partner up with.
A normal class will have between 10 to 25 people and we always make sure that every person in the class gets a personal input from the coach/ instructor.
If that’s the case, we strongly advise speaking with your doctor before starting to train. If the doctor gives you the “green light“, when you join us, we will help you train at whatever intensity level you feel comfortable at, in a “JUDGEMENT FREE” zone.

Kid’s FAQs

Definitely YES and we STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU DO! Not only that they will develop COORDINATION, AGILITY, STRENGTH and FOCUS, but being in a FRIENDLY environment, will improve their SOCIAL SKILLS and will boost their CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM!
Absolutely NOT! It’s actually proven that 98% of the kids who are regularly going to a Martial Arts program, become more RESPECTFUL, more KIND and more CALM.
YES! We watch very closely every program and every class to make sure that your child stays safe. A very close supervision with an appropriate program with their age makes our program almost injury-free. Injuries do happen sometimes but we can assure you that it is very rare.