Boxing and Kickboxing

Our program will walk you through the up-to-date training methods that all TOP FIGHTERS are using right now, in an “EGO” free, FRIENDLY, SAFE, and FUN environment.

At ULTIMATE FIGHTING & FITNESS ACADEMY we will guide you through the most advanced fighting techniques, together with the newest fighting related STRENGTH, CONDITIONING and WEIGHT LOSS programs that only the top fighters and athletes have access to.

In our BOXING classes, you will learn proper punching technique, strategy, combinations and power, and integrate it with footwork and manipulation of angles.

KICKBOXING classes combine traditional MUAY THAI KICKBOXING with modern DUTCH STYLE KICKBOXING. We emphasize combinations with punches/kicks and footwork, in a fantastic, calorie-burning workout.

Whether you are looking to train for your first amateur fight, you want to lose weight while learning a fun, new skill, or you want to build your confidence and fighting ability, these classes will help you achieve your current goals and help set new ones!

We want to make sure that no matter what happens in a fight, or where the fight takes place, you will have the SKILLS and feel comfortable to protect yourself and your loved ones.